Parenting in a Grocery Store/Bullies Beware

Grocery shopping is a chore, but, as a writer, I love it! If you keep your eyes and ears open, it’s a great place to find a new “character” and glean all kinds of wisdom.

I posted this encounter to my Facebook a couple of winters ago and thought I’d share it here today. Everyone who knows me, knows how much I despise bullying behavior of any kind, and it’s been on my mind a lot lately, so I thought I’d share this hilarious tidbit with you. Personally, I think the mother involved handled the situation like a pro.gify

I was in the baking aisle of my local grocery store the other day when I noticed a mother with her teen daughter and preteen son in tow.

The mother and daughter were discussing the fact someone was cyber-bullying the teenager on social media.

“I’m sorry, honey,” the mother said. “That girl is a cowardly, hateful, mean child. It is best to ignore her. If she doesn’t get a reaction from you, it won’t be fun for her anymore. Don’t you worry, karma will eventually catch up with all the mean girls of the world.”

The daughter shrugged her shoulders and sighed. “I guess.”

“Screw that!” said the son. “I say we hunt her down, kill her and eat her!

“That does it!” exclaimed the mom, giving the boy a shut-up-we-are-in-public look. “I don’t care what your father says, you are not watching THE WALKING DEAD anymore!”

At this point, I’m bent over pulling some flour from the bottom shelf, chuckling as silently as I could, but the mother heard me anyway.

“I’m so sorry,” she said. “He’s a good kid. I promise you he’s not the next Jeffery Dahmer.”

“Please, don’t apologize,” I said, still giggling.

“But it’s wrong on so many levels. So much for my dream of raising pacifists. I blame his father … and television,” she said, continuing down the aisle.

“But Mom,” called the boy from behind her. “It would stop bullies once and for all. Besides, I bet mean people taste delicious.”

“Okay, I’m pulling your teeth as soon as we get home,” said the mother in a calm tone.

I laughed so hard, it was difficult to stay on my feet. To this day I can’t help but wonder if mean people really do taste delicious. Kids say the darndest things. Gotta love em!

Protesting Outside the Home of a Ten Year Old Boy is One Step Too Far!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, America! 12bdb7ad-92c4-44a6-9afb-9ccd6dace79e

I want to talk to you as a mother, a nurse, a young adult author, and a Democrat.

I don’t mind one bit that some of you are exercising your right to protest the election of Donald Trump, but I do mind how you are going about it … protesting outside the residence of president-elect Trump in Manhattan. That is one step too far and over the line. Why? Because there is a child living there … a young child!!!

The majority of Trump’s children are adults and don’t live in Trump tower. They are grown and they are capable of understanding what is going on, but there is a little boy living inside that tower watching you, He is hearing you, and HE is probably terrified for his father. Does he have any rights at all or are your rights the only ones that matter?

How do his parents protect him from YOU while you stand outside of his residence protesting and yelling insults at his family?

What? You’re not bullying anybody, you’re only exercising your right to protest!

I disagree. (Chanting “Rape Melania” is unacceptable behavior and it is bullying!)

Come on, people! America is better than this, aren’t we? Donald Trump will know you’re upset wherever you decide to protest. You have a right to do that and I support you completely, but if you insist on standing outside of Trump tower, why can’t you stand there silently for the sake of that little boy? In my humble opinion, you shouldn’t be standing outside the home of someone with a small child shouting insults at his family anyway. (I’ll bet you a thousand dollars, Hillary Clinton and President Obama would agree with me).

I’m not okay with a child being caught in the middle of what you’re doing and none of you should be okay with that either! Think, people, think! You can protest without being outside the home of a small child.