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My Shiba Inu loves! Winnie is our fourteen-year-old female and Rupert is her seven year old son.

It has been brought to my attention that although I have thanked many people for helping me get ready to release “Rafe Ryder and the Well of Wisdom” into the world, I have not given sufficient credit to the two “furry” muses who live with me, my Shiba Inu loves, Winnie and Rupert. And honestly…I couldn’t have done it without them. They give me unconditional affection and provide me with the focus I need to write.


IMG_0593 2


Not to mention the fact, my dogs seem to enjoy the writing process as much as me. Rupert, in particular, loved perusing my manuscript and offering his opinion.






Although, he can sniff out a troublesome storyline with no problem whatsoever, just try to cut his toenails…he’ll treat you to his freaky Shiba scream, which is always guaranteed to raise an eyebrow or two in our neighborhood. (Thank heavens for a vet who doesn’t mind cutting nails and thinks the Shiba scream is hilarious!)





And he has actually been known to “sit” on parts of the story until I come around to his point of view. He’s stubborn like that.








I could never do without these adorable fluffbottoms! They remind me there is more to life than writing…there is love, belly rubs, kisses, walks, and more inspirations than than I can ever explain in a simple blog post.








Gahhh….look at these faces! How can I not be inspired to write something terribly imaginative with these two around?!







So here’s to you, my darlings! Thanks for just being mine.

Deepest gratitude and love from your Momma.


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  2. Oh how so many of us don’t give our dogs the credit that is due to them. They are full of love and keep us young. Thank you for reminding us of how much they help us in so many ways

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