Protesting Outside the Home of a Ten Year Old Boy is One Step Too Far!

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I want to talk to you as a mother, a nurse, a young adult author, and a Democrat.

I don’t mind one bit that some of you are exercising your right to protest the election of Donald Trump, but I do mind how you are going about it … protesting outside the residence of president-elect Trump in Manhattan. That is one step too far and over the line. Why? Because there is a child living there … a young child!!!

The majority of Trump’s children are adults and don’t live in Trump tower. They are grown and they are capable of understanding what is going on, but there is a little boy living inside that tower watching you, He is hearing you, and HE is probably terrified for his father. Does he have any rights at all or are your rights the only ones that matter?

How do his parents protect him from YOU while you stand outside of his residence protesting and yelling insults at his family?

What? You’re not bullying anybody, you’re only exercising your right to protest!

I disagree. (Chanting “Rape Melania” is unacceptable behavior and it is bullying!)

Come on, people! America is better than this, aren’t we? Donald Trump will know you’re upset wherever you decide to protest. You have a right to do that and I support you completely, but if you insist on standing outside of Trump tower, why can’t you stand there silently for the sake of that little boy? In my humble opinion, you shouldn’t be standing outside the home of someone with a small child shouting insults at his family anyway. (I’ll bet you a thousand dollars, Hillary Clinton and President Obama would agree with me).

I’m not okay with a child being caught in the middle of what you’re doing and none of you should be okay with that either! Think, people, think! You can protest without being outside the home of a small child.

6 thoughts on “Protesting Outside the Home of a Ten Year Old Boy is One Step Too Far!

  1. I’ve heard people saying, “We must stand against evil. That is why we are protesting,” yet from what I am seeing on the news, the protestors are doing things that are egregious and filled with hate. Those who claim to be the most tolerant are demonstrating the most intolerance. I’m not understanding why people can’t exercise their first amendment rights without all this vitriol either.

    • A fine example of irony for sure. In my opinion, shouting “Rape Melania” (among other things) outside of a child’s home is not civilized behavior and this type of conduct should be severely condemned by people of all parties.

  2. Oh my. Like most, if not all, of my countrymen/women north of the 49th, I look at our American neighbours and feel for you. I don’t mean that in any partisan or condescending way in the least. I see people with feelings running both high and deep. Widespread uncertainty and intense emotion, often at odds with others’, is not easy to live with. It gets a little too easy for some to indulge behaviours not in alignment with their better judgement. No person can know the bigger picture. It’s time for people everywhere to mindfully breathe, draw strength in peaceful ways and not succumb to despairing or gloating predictions. Thanks for sharing and I hope many read and heed your words.

  3. Despite our politics, I hope America will start thinking more about how our actions affect our future and our most precious resources … our children.

  4. Well stated and this gives America a lot to think about. I think you are right on and I am proud of you for revealing yet another side of this election result.

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