Writing Inspiration Can Be Found Anywhere / Let Nature Be Your Muse


Since I am writing a book series about angels, gargoyles, fairies, and leprechauns, I’m often asked what inspires me. In the summer, I find inspiration no further away than my backyard. A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. Any writer or author worth their salt may not be inclined to agree with that statement, but I don’t have time to paint you a word picture today, so pictures it is!

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The hubster is actually a fairly decent gardener and my study looks out over our backyard. (Lucky me)!

This is what happens when you put too much chlorox in the fountain. You get an angel on a cloud. (Total mistake on my part, but I liked the effect).





I spent most of my formative years on the coast of Maine, and I desperately miss it at times. We brought some stones back from the rocky beaches of Maine to quell my homesickness.






The blueberry bushes are doing their “thang” in a marvelous way!







The corn is being staked out by a skunk who is just waiting for the end of summer to eat my it, but I’m looking for ways to thwart the little critter.






I have a collection of gargoyles. I think they are adorable, but not everyone who visits my house agrees. Gunther has vitiligo and is very patriotic.























The flowers in the garden are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Astilbe is gorgeous.







Rudbeckia Helenium is breathtaking.







The Fuchsia is unique and quite lovely.






Marigolds are brilliant!






The mirror, made by my brother-in-law, fascinates my dogs. They love looking at themselves. They may be narcissistic or looking for friends. (At this point, I’m not really sure).






So, as you can see,  in the summer I let nature be my muse, and no … none of you can borrow the hubster. He’s totally got his hands full here.