Pushing Against Overwhelming Odds

AWESOMESometimes I find encouragement in the oddest places.  This little petunia pushed it way up through the hostile environment of bricks and crabgrass in our driveway.  It was a truly astonishing achievement considering there are no petunias planted in my yard and there are none growing in any of my neighbors’ yards either.

The odds were overwhelmingly stacked against the flower’s very existence, but the fragile little red and white blossom has flourished, sending up one bud after another.  Over the short summer season, I’ve learned a lot about strength and perseverance from this lonely petunia.

Perhaps it is an extended metaphor for my writing.  If so, how can I have any less fortitude or endurance than that fearless little plant?  My time in the sun will come someday if I keep pushing against the odds.  I am sure of it.


7 thoughts on “Pushing Against Overwhelming Odds

  1. Great! I want to keep reading such words of courage in an environment like those prevailing in my country, Pakistan. Thanks

    • It seems we’ve both been busy, but I’m still here, my friend, with my little nose to the grindstone.

  2. You can’t get any where is you don’t try. I’d rather try and fail then never have tried at all.

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