Writer’s Word of the Week – Furciferous!

Their answers to the question:  Whose idea was this anyway?

Their answers to the question: Whose idea was this anyway?

It’s ninety degree weather and the last thing I needed to do today was chase Mr. Ninnyhammer (a.k.a. Rupert) and Miss Flibbertigibbet (a.k.a. Winnie) around the hot and very humid neighborhood.

If my dogs weren’t such FURCIFEROUS (rascally, scandalous) little scoundrels I’d let them enjoy their merry romps off leash through the community now and then, but they’re not to be trusted.

I knew they’d escaped when I heard them antagonizing our neighbor’s hens into a frenzied cackling fit.  I jetted outside and followed the hoodlums about demanding that they return home “this instant” while apologizing to numerous neighbors along the way for their shameless doggy shenanigans.

I tried to entice them to come home with hotdogs, but being the culinary connoisseurs that they are, they were too busy helping themselves to a delicious selection from a rank compost pile and strewing their leftover tidbits from one yard to the next.  I finally got my hands on the two nincompoops after they decided to chase a cat into an alley for a little tete-a-tete.

I’m presently lying on the floor panting from heat exhaustion, thinking that I should have let the cat trounce them, while they’re busily slopping water all over the kitchen like it’s their job.

They’re lucky that they are so adorable and that I only have the strength to move my fingers at the moment or I’d banish their hindends to their crates so they could think about their criminal activity.  Besides, incarcerating the little rascals has proven less than effective in the past and I am highly suspicious that they use those timeouts to plan their next great escape anyway.


8 thoughts on “Writer’s Word of the Week – Furciferous!

  1. I love “meeting” new words! Sounds like your romp was quite an outing through your neigborhood. Got you breath back yet? Still hot here today.

    • Thanks Renee! Did you know that the shortest distance between two people is a smile?

  2. Great word and very apt! You make my day Lois! Thank you for your stories! I love you:)

    • Awww…what the heck, I love you too! I’m just hoping you’re who I think you are.

  3. Ooh! Excellent word. I have a puppy like that, but he’s very slowly getting better about listening to our commands. Let’s hope it lasts! I’m pretty sure he’d sell his soul for hot dogs though.

    • Usually they’ll return for a hot dog, but today they were apparently possessed by demons.

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