Staying Abreast of the Red Robin-Steve Irwin Style

I’m definitely no Steve Irwin.  I do not smooch snakes, collect bugs or enjoy skirmishes with wildlife, but  crikey I get excited about anything with wings!  Look!  There’s another egg in Momma Robin’s nest! 008

I risked life and limb, yet again, to go up to the roof and secure this picture for my blog.  Don’t worry it wasn’t too dangerous.  Fortunately, I have a zoom button on my camera and Momma Robin is developing a tolerance for my aerial routines.

Her choice of locations for her home had been on my list for a severe pruning when the tree service visited our house last week and after we discovered her hard work, the tree was spared, but it had been pruned just enough to afford me an excellent view into her nest from the roof.  She seems to enjoy the umbrella that I loaned her to make up for the branches we took away.011

She and I are becoming quite cozy with one another because bribes are not beneath me. I’ve been leaving juicy brown earthworms all over the yard for her.  By next week, dare I say, we might even be besties.  I’ll keep you all abreast of the situation. (Pun intended this time)

3 thoughts on “Staying Abreast of the Red Robin-Steve Irwin Style

  1. What a beautiful thing! Love the fact you put up the umbrella for the mom to be! Keep us posted please.

  2. That is so sweet you put up an umbrella. Mike and I have birds build nest on the porch and love watching all the amazing work that is put into it and then the eggs come and if only all couples worked together like these sweet creations of our Lord!! So much fun to watch,, UNTIL the babies get ready to start flying and they poop is all over my porch! :O)

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