Jumping into the Blogosphere. Yippee Yi Yo Yikes!

I’m currently suffering what I like to call a yippee yi yo yikes moment.  Come on, you all know what I mean…that thrilling feeling of elation and terror that one gets when experiencing something new for the first time.

Let’s use my current moment as an example.  Yippee yi yo!  I have a website and a blog! Yikes!  I have a website and a blog!  See what I mean?  Yippee yi yo yikes!

At moments like these I like to practice a little positive self-talk and relaxation.  (Breathe L.L., just breathe.  You’ve constructed a platform from which to spring into the writing world.  You’re ready for the challenge and you’re going to be just fine.)

Will people like me and my writing?  At this point who knows?  I certainly don’t.  Yippee yi yo yikes!

3 thoughts on “Jumping into the Blogosphere. Yippee Yi Yo Yikes!

  1. Wow! I don’t know why, but this aspiration of yours would never have crossed my mind. I am so excited for you and I hope you can make it work. Looking forward to more, Lois.

  2. This is all new to me (us) but I see potential here! It will be interesting to see where this goes for you.

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